NAGW Committees

All members are encouraged to take a leadership role in the organization. Regular and Associate NAGW members may volunteer to participate on the following committees (except the executive committee) to help implement board directives. Ideally, each committee will be made up of NAGW members with at least two board members, with one board member serving as committee chair.

To volunteer and become part of a NAGW committee—please contact

Organizational Committees

Executive Committee

  • Marc Drummond (President), Ryan Drake (Treasurer), Carolyn Shannon (Secretary)


  • NAGW Member Volunteers: Dawn Watkins
  • Board Members: John Nixon (Chair), Katya Wowk, Barbara Belli, Carolyn Shannon (web committee liaison)

Member Benefits (Webinars)

This committee primarily focuses on implementing NAGW's webinars. 

  • NAGW Member Volunteers: Luke Stowe
  • Board Members: Leslie Labrecque (Chair), Jay Eason, Paulette Neal-Allen

Pinnacle Awards

This committee is tasked with soliciting both entries and judges, managing the process, and tabulating scores and feedback to all entrants for the annual website awards given at the national conference. 

  • NAGW Member Volunteers: Chris Audano
  • Board Members: Barbara Belli (Chair), Katya Wowk


  • NAGW Member Volunteers: None
  • Board Members: Carolyn Shannon (Chair), Marc Drummond

Conference Committees

Conference Speakers

Procuring and managing speakers for the national conference.

  • NAGW Member Volunteers: None
  • Board Members: Marc Drummond (Chair), Carolyn Shannon, Leslie Labrecque, Ryan Drake, Paulette Neal-Allen

Conference Sponsorship/Vendors

Procuring and managing sponsor vendors for the national conference.

  • NAGW Member Volunteers: None
  • Board Liasons: Ryan Drake (Chair), Leslie Labrecque

Conference Volunteers

This group of members helps make our national conference a success. They serve as registrars, meeting hosts and site coordinators. In return, they receive a reduced rate on conference fees. 

  • NAGW Member Volunteers: Chris Audano
  • Board Liasons: Carolyn Shannon, Jay Eason, Paulette Neal-Allen