Elections are held in the summer, with results announced at the NAGW conference. Odd-numbered region board positions are up for election in odd-numbered years, even-numbered region board positions are up for election in even-numbered years. If you have any questions regarding the election process, email secretary@nagw.org.

Board Member Requirements 

Board member positions are a two-year term starting on Nov 1 in the year you are elected. Board members are expected to do the following:

  • Maintain your NAGW membership
  • Participate in conference call meetings (one to two hours every two weeks—currently scheduled on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. CST)
    • Note: Each board member incurs long distance charges however a VOIP toll-free option is available.
  • Attend two formal meetings every year at conference site (one pre-conference planning session and one at the NAGW annual conference)
  • Work on tasks relating to NAGW business, usually as a member of at least two committees
  • Attend the annual NAGW Conference (no conference registration charge for Board members)

2018 Election Seats

  • Lakes (2)
  • East (4)
  • West (6)
  • At-Large 2

2019 Election Seats

  • Midwest (1)
  • Northeast (3)
  • South (5)
  • Mountain (7)
  • At-Large 1