NAGW Elects Officers for 2018-2019 Term

NAGW Elects Officers for 2018-2019 Term

The NAGW Board of Directors held elections for officers during a special board meeting on Thursday, November 1. The officers for the 2018 - 2019 term are:

  • President: Leslie Labrecque (At-Large Director)
  • Treasurer: Jason Huber (Midwest Region Director)
  • Secretary: Barbara Belli (East Region Director) 

During the special meeting, Gregg Turnbull officially began his term as At-Large Director, succeeding Jay Eason. We are sorry to see Jay go and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

The board looks forward to the coming year and the launch of a new website. We are currently planning #NAGW2019 and we hope to see you next year in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Annual Dues Set to Increase January 1, 2018

A friendly reminder to our members that annual dues will increase January 1, 2018. The increase was announced at our September 2017 annual members’ meeting.

NAGW is committed to keeping costs affordable and even with the increase, our membership rates are still some of the lowest you will find for a professional organization. In order to pass the motion for an increase, we agreed to lock the new rates in for two years (new rates will apply through Dec 31, 2019).

The new rates are as follows

• NAGW Individual Member (Full and Associate): $150/year
• Multiple Agency Small (3 memberships): $400/year
• Multiple Agency Large (5 memberships): $650/year

 We know that raising membership rates is never a comfortable subject and we assure you that we will continue to be responsible stewards of all that we have built together over the years. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your region directorour staff or directly to me.

Make Your Plans to Attend #NAGW2018

Who Should Attend? 

The NAGW National Conference focuses on the professional development of government web professionals from all levels of government. Our diverse topics cater to both technical and non-technical audiences including webmasters, programmers, PIOs, designers, managers and CIOs. 

Outstanding Value 

The conference fee includes: 

  • Three keynote presentations 
  • 28 session topic choices 
  • Networking with peers and presenters 
  • Online conference materials 
  • Select post-conference session videos 
  • Majority of meals: 
    • Opening Reception Tues evening 
    • Breakfast Wed / Thurs / Fri 
    • Lunch Wed / Thurs 
    • Snacks Wed / Thurs 
    • Pinnacle Awards Dinner / Thurs 
  • NAGW Nightime Networking (n3
  • Direct contact with sponsors 

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NAGW Elects Officers

The NAGW Board of Directors held elections for officers during a special board meeting on Wednesday, November 1. The officers for the 2017-2018 term are:

  • President: Leslie Labrecque (At Large Director)
  • Treasurer: Jay Eason (At Large Director)
  • Secretary: Barbara Belli (East Region Director)

During the special meeting, Jennifer Chapman officially began her term as South Region Director, succeeding Alicia Brown. We are sorry to see Alicia go and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

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NAGW Elects New Officers

The NAGW Board of Directors held elections for officers during a special board meeting on Tuesday, November 1. Our new officers are as follows:

  • President: Leslie Labrecque (At Large Director)
  • Treasurer: Jay Eason (At Large Director)
  • Secretary: Barbara Belli (East Region Director)

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Congratulations to our NAGW officers and our best wishes to Ryan Drake who has dedicated many years of service to NAGW!

New Membership Options Now Available

NAGW is excited to offer a new membership option for multiple agency memberships! By purchasing multiple memberships at one time agencies receive a discount. Multiple agency memberships are available for any size, eligible organization and these memberships are transferable within the agency for the remaining duration of the membership. The types of multiple agency memberships are as follows:

  • Small agency (3/5 memberships: full or associate): $350 (save $25)
  • Large agency (3/5 memberships: full or associate): $575 (save $50)

Purchase a Multiple Agency Membership >>

In late 2015 the NAGW membership voted to extend full membership to state agencies and associate membership to federal employees. These changes are now active and eligible agencies may join at their convenience. The cost of membership is $125 annually. Please note that individual memberships are non-transferable. Join NAGW >>

If you have any questions regarding NAGW membership contact Member Services via email or via phone at 847-647-7226.

NAGW Bylaws Vote Results

Voting has closed for the proposed bylaws change. With the majority of the members voting in favor, the motion to expand Full membership to State Government Employees (SGE) and extend Associate membership to Federal Government Employees (FGE) passes. In addition to Local Government Employees, SGEs can now serve on the NAGW Board of Directors, but only serve in the 2 At-Large positions (FGEs are not eligible). The results of this vote and the number of votes each item received are as follows:

Option Votes Received
Yes, make this change to the by-laws language 69
No, do not make this change to the by-laws language 26

Beginning on January 1, 2016, all SGEs will be converted from Associate to Full membership status. FGEs will be able to apply for Associate membership at that time.

As a reminder, our new multiple employee memberships will also be available in 2016. This includes small and large organization memberships for 3 and 5 members. These options are available for both Associate and Full memberships.

We'd like to thank everyone for their comments and participation in this bylaws vote. We're happy to incorporate everyone's ideas and provide an opportunity to vote on them. The Board's been contacted several times about offering additional access for State and Federal members and we look forward to their participation in all NAGW offers.

Thank you for your support of NAGW!

Voting Has Ended

Thank you members that voted in the NAGW 2015 elections! The board secretary is in the process of tallying the results and they will be announced soon. 

NAGW Introduces Steve Moore Pinnacle Award for Excellence

Steve MooreThe National Association of Government Web Professionals is proud to announce the Steven Michael Moore Pinnacle Award for excellence in a government web profession. The award is the first of its kind and is intended to embody the legacy of our friend and colleague who passed away January 29, 2015. The award will be presented annually.

Steve Moore worked 37 years in the information technology field with the last 35 years at Larimer County, Colorado. Steve brought Larimer online in 1996 with the creation of, ultimately developing the site into a 2008 NAGW Pinnacle Award winner.

Steve represents what's best about our community. This award honors his legacy and selfless commitment to the profession and to his colleagues. The recipient of this award should exemplify these qualities, regardless of his/her years of service or area of specialization.

To qualify for the Steven Michael Moore Pinnacle Award, the nominee may be a current or former NAGW member. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

A nominee must have made major contributions as a government web professional through his or her body of work including, but not limited to:

  • Service as a leader for government web professionals;
  • Development of local government websites;
  • Contributions to web design and/or programming;
  • Unique information presentation online;
  • Service to diverse populations;
  • Overall impact on communities.

The inaugural Steven Michael Moore Pinnacle Award will be presented at the NAGW National Conference Award Banquet in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 24.

Tim O'Reilly Joins Impressive #NAGW2015 Speaker Lineup

Tim O'ReillyContinuing to improve on an all-star lineup of celebrated keynote & featured speakers, #NAGW2015 is proud to welcome Tim O'Reilly to the NAGW family. Tim's contributions to the Web are vast including popularizing the terms open source and Web 2.0.

Tim O’Reilly is the founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media Inc. His original business plan was simply "interesting work for interesting people," and that's worked out pretty well. He publishes books, runs conferences, invests in early-stage startups, urges companies to create more value than they capture, and tries to change the world by spreading and amplifying the knowledge of innovators.