About Us

    The desire to communicate and learn with fellow web professionals in other government agencies is nothing new. NAGW is the National Association of Government Web Professionals, an organization of government web professionals working together to share knowledge, best practices, innovative ideas, and other resources. We collaborate on technologies, and network with other web professionals to improve our capacity to provide value across the web to our communities.

    Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors represent each of seven regions within the organization and are charged with organizing the annual meeting, forming special committees, and of greatest importance, promoting membership in the Association to their member regions. You can contact the board at [email protected], or at the physical mailing address 

    National Association of Government Web Professionals, Inc.
    8120 Lehigh Avenue, Suite 100
    Morton Grove, IL 60053

    Learn more about the Board of Directors.

    NAGW Staff

    In 2013, NAGW added two staff positions of Finance Director and Conference Director. These positions remained active through 2015. In July of 2015 NAGW selected and contracted with an Association Management Company (AMC) to help the board with administrative, financial and conference related tasks. The AMC will continue to complete the work previously completed by the Finance Director and Conference Director therefore replacing the need to maintain these positions beyond 2015. Learn more about NAGW staff.

    NAGW Committees

    All members are encouraged to take a leadership role in the organization. Regular and Associate NAGW members may volunteer to participate on the committees (except the executive committee) to help implement board directives. Learn more about NAGW Committees.


    NAGW is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, who represent the seven geographic regions and two of whom are at-large directors.  The Board is established in the NAGW Bylaws and the members are elected every two years, with odd-numbered region and at-large board positions up for election in odd-numbered years, even-numbered region and at-large board positions up for election in even-numbered years. Learn more about NAGW Governance .

    Logos and Promotional Materials

    NAGW has various logos and promotional materials available to help spread the word about NAGW, the benefits of membership, and the educational value of the Annual Conference.


    NAGW had its beginnings in 2003, when a Kansas City group called the Metro Area Government Webmasters (MAGWeb) decided to sponsor a national conference for their peers.

    This first Government Webmasters Conference drew more than 200 attendees from 29 states. Buoyed by that success, MAGWeb held a second conference in 2004, which attracted even greater attendance. Conference planners then decided to pass the baton and turned the conference over to a new hosting city, Denver, in 2005.

    Some of the same people who planned the Kansas City and Denver conferences formed NAGW. The association officially came into being at the Denver conference in September 2005 and elected its first officers.

    Learn more about the history of NAGW.

    Non-Profit Information

    The National Association of Government Web Professionals Inc has received determination from the Internal Revenue Service that it qualifies as a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation. As required by law, NAGW's Application for Non-Profit Status (IRS 1024) and Determination letter is available on the Non-Profit Information page, along with other important paperwork.