Happy Holidays from NAGW - 2020

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    Happy New Year!

    I've heard 2020 described as a dumpster fire that we will soon wish to forget – an entirely understandable sentiment, given that the world as we once knew it was turned on its head.

    We lost loved ones, prayed for the recovery of friends and family members, and our lives were disrupted to a degree we could never have imagined twelve months ago. 

    Although “dumpster fire” may be a fair assessment of the havoc this pandemic wreaked, I feel we were nonetheless able to salvage a great deal from the flames and realize many considerable achievements in spite of the severe setbacks 2020 laid before us.

    • Our country saw tremendous civic engagement and the highest voter turnout in its history.
    • Race and equity issues moved from the margins to the mainstream.
    • Working remotely, with all the necessary changes this required, proved to be a more successful model moving forward, allowing families to spend more time together.
    • At the same time we learned that home-schooling is hard and recognized the true value of our teachers.
    • The boundless creativity of people from all walks of life and abilities showed us how to adapt in a virtual world, be it with music, art, education, entertainment, and other spheres.
    • Air quality improved with fewer cars on the road.
    • Our furry friends are finding BFFs as local animal shelters report adoption and fostering rates are at an all-time high.
    • We recognized our many true heroes who worked tirelessly to save lives, provide comfort, and help those in need.

    I know in the future, when I get a text – "you want to meet up for a beer?" I won't be too busy, too tired, or too quick to dismiss the invite. 2020 has taught me what truly matters –  family, friends, community, and all those activities that bring us together, including our annual conference with all the wonderful folks who are part of our NAGW community.

    To Health and Happy 2021!

    Jason Huber
    President - Midwest Region Director