Join US on Zoom: Get Candid with our NAGW Featured Book Club Author - Jon Yablonski / Laws of UX - March 5th

       Join Us  - March 5th, 3PM CST - for (Our First Ever) Get Candid w/ the author:   Laws of UX: Design Principles for Persuasive and Ethical Products













    We will be discussing our most recent book club entry:

    Laws of UX: Using Psychology to Design Better Products & Services

    Jon's book covers:

    • 10 core U/X Principles(aka. Laws) all designers of products and services should know and use
    • How aesthetically pleasing design creates positive responses
    • How these psychology principles relate to UX heuristics
    • Ethical implications of using psychology in design a framework for applying these principles
    • How to keep the principles in mind and in use in your organization

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