Code of Conduct

    A number of conferences have adopted a standard Conference Code of Conduct that explains acceptable and unacceptable behavior at their conferences.

    NAGW prides itself on offering a welcome, safe environment for our attendees, so we are glad to ask our attendees, speakers, sponsors and board members to follow this code of conduct at the NAGW National Conference.

    The short version is don't be a jerk. We want everyone at our conference to feel welcome and comfortable. All of us play an important role in helping to create that safe environment for everybody. We appreciate your assistance!

    Prior to the conference, we will provide more specific guidelines on what you can do if you do encounter a situation where you feel uncomfortable or threatened. Board members and volunteers will understand the procedures that we will follow if an incident is reported.

    We try to do our best to create a conference that is engaging, fun and a positive professional experience. Thank you for everything you do to make our conference great!