Jason Hare

Passionate about open data, Jason Hare has worked tirelessly in municipal, state, national and international efforts to open government data. From Raleigh, to Newark, to Colorado, to North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Colombia and beyond, Jason has campaigned for data usability and citizen engagement with “data as infrastructure”.

In 2013 he became an Open Data Institute (ODI) Member and founded an ODI Node in North Carolina. In 2014 he was made a member of the US Civil Society Organization’s Open Data Working Group for the Open Government Partnership Delegation. His memberships and awards speak to his approach toward the citizen and consumer experience.

Jason is the open data thought leader for the Open Data Institute of North Carolina and has been interviewed and cited dozens of times for his philosophy on what open data means and the direction open data will go. Primary interests include user experience design, data driven design, open data, open data advocacy, service oriented architecture, data analysis, government services as a platform, analytic-driven portal interface design, e-government acculturation, citizen engagement, open source platforms and government transparency.