Van Beest

AJ Van Beest

AJ loves pushing buttons and boundaries. "You probably can't/shouldn't do that," is a clear notice to him that there are things to be explored.

AJ's love of poking and prodding has manifested as a professional focus in cyber security over the last half-decade. He's collected an impressive collection of letters to put on his business card -- GPEN; GWAPT; C)PTE; C)IHE; Network+ -- all of which mean that he's spent a *lot* of time learning how to break things in order to learn how to make them more secure. With his previous focus on website development providing part of the foundation of his current security work, web application penetration testing has become a natural home for AJ.

When he's not busy hacking your website, AJ loves being on the long trail, choosing the rocky, uphill path, and spending time with his people. He adores writing about himself in the third person, has set multiple records for using profanity in professional speaking engagements, and has had the wettest water in any NAGW session for three years running.