Are websites, blogs and social media really enough when it comes to communicating with your constituents? While these are useful tools for displaying information, they cannot compete with talking directly to another person. That is why our team at the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) integrated the option for verbal communication right into our digital communications strategy. We created multiple hotlines and live chat interfaces that are used hand-in-hand with custom search engines of frequently asked questions. This was done by incorporating CRM, telephony and knowledge database services. The outcomes? Boosts in entrepreneurship, foodborne illness prevention, regulatory compliance and a human connection with the public. In this presentation, I will describe how we incorporated this technology and how your agency can too.

Three Key Takeaways

  1. FSIS, a public health and regulatory agency, created hotlines and chat services for segments of constituents and incorporated further technology and services.
  2. In addition to the typical benefits of using a CRM, our system will record each contact according to the questions that they ask and the feedback that they submit. It allows anyone to use the search engine feature created and optimized by us at the Agency.
  3. While it’s important for Federal agencies to keep up with the latest technologies, there are still many constituents who benefit more from being able to call and speak with a voice they have come to recognize rather than find information on a website.
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