Conference Speakers

Ahava Leibtag

Aha Media Group, LLC
Ahava Leibtag, Aha Media Group, LLC

Ahava is passionate about content and prides herself on tackling the toughest content projects—from healthcare to higher education to hip-hop (seriously). She has more than 15 years of experience in writing, messaging, and marketing, and is a well-recognized content expert. Her first book, The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web was published by Morgan Kaufmann in November 2013.

Allison Hamilton

Federal Client Success Consultant, Granicus
Allison Hamilton, Federal Client Success Consultant, Granicus

Allison has more than fifteen years of broadcast and digital communications experience in both public and private sectors. Her career has been dedicated to helping organizations disseminate their messages to key audiences and stakeholders. Allison provides a touchpoint for trusted, consultative relationships with Granicus’ clients. Projects for these clients have ranged from expansion and implementation of a single Granicus solution across multiple agencies, to projects utilizing multiple Granicus solutions and professional services in specific program areas.

Andrew Liebelt

Success Manager, SeamlessGov
Andrew Liebelt, Success Manager, SeamlessGov

Andrew works with municipalities across the nation to bring their paper-based forms processes online. Once a government signs on to SeamlessGov, Andrew serves as their dedicated Success Manager throughout the partnership. He offers ongoing support via phone, chat, and email, and runs weekly training courses to facilitate governments' paperless transformation. Andrew has been working with Montgomery, AL for over a year, and has helped the City bring dozens of forms online.

Anil Chawla

Anil Chawla

Anil Chawla is the Founder & CEO of ArchiveSocial, a Durham, NC-based company that specializes in archiving social media for public records requirements. ArchiveSocial partnered with the State of North Carolina in 2010 to launch the world's first open, interactive archive of social media. Since then, ArchiveSocial has enabled more than 150 prominent government entities such as Charlotte, San Francisco, Raleigh, and Austin to ensure long-term transparency for government social media communications.

Aurora Morales

Aurora Morales, Google

Aurora is a Search Outreach Specialist at Google, helping content creators improve their online presence in Search. Before joining Google, Aurora spent time at Twitter and Youtube, and also has a background in journalism. She has lived in Spain, Ireland and now in California.

Chuck Johnston

Sitecrafting - GearLab
Chuck Johnston, Sitecrafting - GearLab

Chuck Johnston is a designer and researcher. As User Experience Manager at SiteCrafting, he guides the creation of human-centered solutions for the web for businesses and organizations. Chuck is also a graduate student at the University of Washington’s school of Human-Centered Design & Engineering. He believes that putting people first provides the best outcomes and advocates for designing for humans.

Conrad Gonzales

Boulder County, CO
Conrad Gonzales, Boulder County, CO

Conrad Gonzales has worked in technology for over 20 years, having held the position of Application Development Manager for the County of Boulder since 2011. Prior to this, his has experience in Application Development in a variety of languages and platforms. Conrad holds a Business Administration from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Cynthia Francis

OpenCities, Inc.
Cynthia Francis, Managing Director, OpenCities

Cynthia believes that providing digital services via municipal websites is key to improving people's trust in government. She has two decades of experience in content management and digital asset management, including work with federal and local government customers. In 2015 she helped Code for America define the business and product requirements for a services focused CMS for local governments, and for the past two years has worked with OpenCities to actualize those requirements and bring this well tested product to US municipalities.

David Gallerizzo

Chief Executive Officer, Fig Leaf Software
David Gallerizzo, Chief Executive Officer, Fig Leaf Software

David (Dave) Gallerizzo is the CEO of Fig Leaf Software, a leading digital agency with an international customer base. He also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. The firm operates worldwide through its major business units including Consulting Services (user experience, application development on mobile and desktop platforms, strategic analysis, and marketing), Technical Training, and Product Resale. The company maintains strategic partnerships with Google, Adobe, Amazon, SalesForce, Sencha, Acquia, EpiServer, Hubspot, Telerik, and Paperthin.

Dawn Watkins

Dawn Watkins, J.P Morgan

As an accessibility professional, Dawn has been providing guidance and support for businesses and organizations on their journeys to create accessible digital content. For over 7 years, she has been an advocate for accessibility in all aspects of her work. She is an experienced presenter on equal access for all and accessibility guidelines. Dawn is skilled in website administration, manual accessibility testing, and course development. Previous employers include Texas A&M University and the Employees Retirement System of Texas.

Diana Cleland

Web Administrator, Hamilton County, Indiana
Diana Cleland, Web Administrator, Hamilton County, Indiana

Diana has 25 years of technical experience. Beginning as an Architectural CAD Technician, she moved into GIS administration and development. In 2000, she became the Web Administrator for Hamilton County, Indiana; addressing the web needs of over 20 agencies. She designed, built, and maintained their website, developed dynamic data applications and a Calendar CMS.

Dr. Alan Shark

Public Technology Institute
Dr. Alan Shark

Alan R. Shark is the Executive Director and CEO of Public Technology Institute (PTI).

Dr. Shark is a sought-after speaker, offering presentations for larger audiences that address mobile and e-government, digital technology trends in government, as well as thought-leadership and professional development issues for both IT executives and public managers.

Eric Miller

Eric Miller, Squishymedia

Eric has spent twenty years in interactive media working in a variety of design, technology, and project management roles. Since starting Squishymedia in 2001 he has worked to build a practice that makes a positive contribution to our communities through the successes of our clients.

Erica Raleigh

Data Driven Detroit
Erica Raleigh, Data Driven Detroit

Erica Raleigh is the Executive Director of Data Driven Detroit, a social enterprise whose mission is to provide accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive informed decision-making. After a decade of experience working in Detroit’s community development ecosystem, Erica still believes strongly in the power of data to ensure the efficacy of programs that improve quality of life. She has her Masters in Urban Planning from Wayne State University and is a published author in the Journal of Urban Affairs.

Frankie Rios

City of Santa Clarita, CA

Frankie Rios works for the city that he grew up in: Santa Clarita, CA. He started freelance web development right after high school and all through college before he qualified for the internship with the City. After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree, he landed the Web Developer job with the City of Santa Clarita and has been there ever since. Frankie is now the West Region Director on the NAGW board and continues learn and grow as a passionate web and IT professional.

Gregg Turnbull

Larimer County, CO
Gregg Turnbull, Larimer County, CO

Gregg is the Webmaster for Larimer County, Colorado, where he and his team have launched the new in September of 2017- using Drupal and AngularJS. Before working in Government, Gregg headed up web and software development at the Biodesign Institute, at Arizona State University. At home, he and his wife wrangle (attempt to direct the activity/general direction of) six kiddos. 

Hadiza Buge

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Hadiza Buge

Hadiza has nearly ten years of public sector communications experience across the government and private sector. She currently serves at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, she as the Chief of Electronic Media and Communication. In this role, she has led efforts to overhaul ATF’s communications strategy, specifically focusing on email communications and subscriber growth. Her efforts have led to ATF tripling their subscriber base and have given the agency the ability to disseminate critical information to employees, retirees and the public.

Jamie Klenetsky Fay

Morris County, NJ
Jamie Klenetsky Fay, Morris County, NJ

Jamie Klenetsky is the Digital Media Manager for Morris County, NJ. She designs, maintains, and manages over 20 Wordpress websites, manages the county's social media use, and is the point person for the county's agenda and minutes and public records applications. She also dabbles in UX, graphic design, video, and whatever else the county may need related to digital media. Jamie has worked for Morris County, and has been a NAGW member, since 2007.

Jason Huber

City of St. Louis Park, MN
Jason Huber, City of St. Louis Park, MN

Jason built his first website in 1998 in the bad old days of dial-up internet. As a web developer, Jason has spent the last 16 years developing software and websites in open source for his company, Simply Works Consulting, and for the City of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, where today he serves as the Information Technology Manager. He was instrumental in promoting the convergence of technology and communications when St.

Jennifer Chapman

City of Johns Creek, GA
Jennifer Chapman, City of Johns Creek, GA

Jennifer Chapman is the Digital Communications Manager for the City of Johns Creek, Georgia. She manages the City website, social media channels, and works on various graphic design and marketing projects. Jennifer is the South Region Director on the NAGW board.

Joe Izenman

Data Scientist and Strategist, GearLab
Joe Izenman, Data Scientist and Strategist, GearLab

Joe Izenman is a data scientist and strategist from Tacoma, Washington. With a Master of Information & Data Science degree from University of California, Berkeley, and over a decade of experience in web technology, his focus is on effective site success metrics, use of modern machine learning and statistical techniques on websites of all sizes, and quantitative evaluation of usability. In his spare time, he fishes for side projects on Tacoma and Washington open data portals.

Jon Gunderson

University of Illinois
Jon Gunderson, University of Illinois

Dr. Jon Gunderson is the Coordinator of Assistive Communication and Information Technology Accessibility in the Division of Disability Resources and Education Services (DRES) at the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. He leads the development of open source web accessibility evaluation tools and coding practices resources to help web designers and developers understand accessible coding techniques. He is the past chair of the W3C User Agent Working Group and currently involved in the W3C ARIA Working Group.

Jorge Arango

Jorge Arango

Jorge Arango is an information architect and strategic designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. In his consulting practice, Jorge partners with product, design, and innovation leaders to create digital places that make people smarter. He has designed information environments for all types of organizations, ranging from developing world non-profits to Fortune 500 corporations. Jorge is a frequent speaker at global UX conferences.

Joseph Labrecque

University of Denver
Joseph Labrecque, University of Denver

Joseph Labrecque is a creative developer, designer, and educator with over 15 years of experience building expressive web, desktop, and mobile solutions. He is presently employed as Senior Interactive Software Engineer with the University of Denver.

Over the past decade, Joseph has authored a number of books, articles, and courses on design and development technologies, tools, and concepts through publishers such as, LinkedIn Learning, Peachpit, Pluralsight, and Adobe. His recent work includes the best-selling book “Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media”.

Katherine Spivey

Katherine Spivey, PLAIN

Katherine Spivey serves as GSA’s Plain Language Launcher. In 2015, she was a NextGen Public Service Award Finalist (NextGen 30) for Exemplary Leadership. She is co-chair of the Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) and trains for Digital Gov University and for PLAIN. At GSA, she manages web content, coordinates social media, and edits the Great Government through Technology blog.

Kimbery Wright

City of Montgomery, AL
Kimberly Wright, City of Montgomery, AL

I'm a public servant, website and tech/app junkie, currently serving as the Webmaster for the City of Montgomery. I run the content development strategy and execution of several different websites.

Laura Scott

Web Content Manager, Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Education, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service
Laura Scott, Web Content Manager, Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Education, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service

Laura Scott is a Web Content Manager in the Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Education at the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. She collaborates in managing the public website and digital communication strategies around topics including food safety education, product recalls and industry regulations. She also administers knowledge databases and CRM systems that support the Agency’s bilingual food safety and industry help hotlines. Laura started her career in digital communications as the Head Content Manager of a digital marketing agency in Arizona.

Leslie Labrecque

City of Boulder, CO
Leslie Labrecque

Leslie Labrecque has worked in technology and the web for over 20 years, having held the position of Senior Webmaster for the City of Boulder since 2002 and having worked at Sun Microsystems prior to that. At the start of her job at the City she began managing several static HTML websites. In 2006 she implemented the City’s first web content management system (CMS), Joomla!, which sparked her love for open source software. Following this effort, Leslie initiated the City’s social media presence in 2008 starting with Twitter and Facebook. Leslie holds a B.S.

Lynn Stuart

Communications Specialist, City of Sunnyvale
Lynn Stuart, Communications Specialist, City of Sunnyvale

Lynn Stuart, PMP, cut her teeth on tech and project management at Apple where she eventually transitioned her skills into database and web-related projects. She migrated to Sun Microsystems taking on a multi-million dollar project in crisis, navigating it to a successful delivery — she likes a challenge. She spring-boarded into launching her own partnership serving the digital needs of a variety of small to mid-sized businesses for many years.

Martin Lind

Martin Lind, Vision

Martin Lind is Vice President of Services and Business Development for El Segundo, Calif.-based Vision, a national leader in government website development and software solutions with more than 700 government, non-profit and education clients in U.S. and Canada. Mr. Lind oversees the development and execution of services and partnerships at Vision, with the goal of expanding the ecosystem of offerings that Vision provides to their clients.  

Mike Mahaffie

DE Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Mike Mahaffie, DE Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Control

Mike Mahaffie has worked in Delaware state government since 1989 as a user, creator and pusher of public information. He has served the state as a public relations staffer, a business researcher, liaison between the state and th Census Bureau, a geospatial data pioneer and organizer, an open data advocate, a web manager and designer, and a social media manager. He lives in Lewes, Delaware, at the intersection of the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, with the Lovely Karen, two cats, and a houseful of stuff from two grown daughters.

Mike Nescot

JBS International
Mike Nescot

Mike Nescot is Web Operations and Security Manager at JBS International, where he manages the web systems development and hosting infrastructure, continuous integration and deployment systems, and monitoring and security management systems both on site and in the cloud. He oversees a team of system engineers managing more than 20 Web sites for government and nonprofit clients.

Nicholas Azzara

Manatee County Government
Nicholas Azzara, Manatee County Government

Nick Azzara was born and raised in middle Tennessee and he attended journalism school at the University of Tennessee. (Go Vols!) In 2003 he moved to the Sunshine State, and after seven years as a journalist he was hired by Manatee County Government. He oversees Manatee County Government's Information Outreach Division which promotes County news on its official website, social media pages, government access channel and more. He married his beautiful wife Tiffany in 2008 and they have two funny, smart little boys named Andrew and Matthew.

Olivia Davis

Chesterfield County, Virginia
Olivia Davis, Chesterfield County, Virginia

Olivia works for Chesterfield County, Virginia as a content specialist. A self-proclaimed geek and as curious as her kitten Stella, she enjoys exploring innovative solutions and learning. Olivia embraces her Millennial status as the president of the Chesterfield Young Professionals. She received a Bachelor of Science with Special Attainments in Commerce from Washington and Lee University, double majoring in business administration and mass communications.

Paulette Neal-Allen

City of Thornton, CO
Paulette Neal-Allen, City of Thornton, CO

Paulette Neal-Allen is a Systems Analyst for the City of Thornton, Colorado, with 19 years of experience working on web projects from the IT perspective. She has been an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Information Technology at Colorado Technical University. Paulette has been a member of NAGW since 2005, and has presented at the NAGW conferences on topics such as "Basic HTML for Non-Techies" and the "Server Side Shootout". She received her Master of Science in Computer Science in 2001, and also has her MCSD in .NET technologies.

Peter Shikli

Peter Shikli, Access2online

A UCLA engineer with an MBA, Peter Shikli has over 30 years in software development, high-tech business formation, and project management. He is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer, a Registered Professional Engineer, accredited college instructor, guest lecturer, has published over 40 articles & books, and is a Trusted Tester for website accessibility certified by the Office of Accessibility Systems & Technology. As the CEO of Bizware Online Applications Inc, Mr. Shikli has managed over 500 website design projects since 1996.

Rachel Taft

Manatee County Government
Rachael Taft, Manatee County Government

Rachael Taft joined Manatee County Government in April 2017, coming from a background in journalism, PR and marketing in the private and nonprofit sectors. As the County's Digital Content Coordinator, her first major project was to help lead the redesign and migration of the County's website. Rachael was less than six months on the job when Hurricane Irma threatened the County and thrust her into a PIO role at the Emergency Operations Center. An avid traveler, Rachael lived in eight different states and countries before choosing Florida as her home.

Reed Duecy-Gibbs

Reed Duecy-Gibbs, NextRequest

Reed is the Chief Operating Officer and leads product design and business development for NextRequest. He focuses on making applications that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use. Prior to NextRequest, Reed was a fellow with Code for America and before that he was a Fulbright Scholar working on projects to make urban development information more accesible in Istanbul. Reed holds a Masters degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BA from Colorado College

Sascha Ohler

VP of Research & Development, CivicPlus
Sascha Ohler, VP of Research & Development, CivicPlus

Sascha Ohler serves as the VP of Research & Development for CivicPlus, a organization serving 2,800 local government clients across North America and Australia. He is a 15+ year enterprise software industry veteran with a background in ECM/BPM and Data Extraction/Management, who has led teams of technologists across North America and Europe.

Scott Rubenstein

CTO, ADA Site Compliance
Scott Rubenstein, CTO, ADA Site Compliance

Scott Rubenstein has been a professional application developer and designer for more than 20 years. Utilizing his technical skills, along with his entrepreneurial goals, he has been partnered in multiple highly successful businesses. He has received praise and accolades throughout his career for his out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in his solutions. Scott is a survivor of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and was fortunate to escape tower 2 of the World Trade Center prior to its collapse. He returned to New York City soon after, playing an integral role in restoring critical systems.

Shannah Hayley

City of Plano
Shannah Hayley, City of Plano

Shannah’s pursuit of living life to the fullest has taken her all over the world with various communications-focused jobs, from teaching in Kenya to consulting in the United Kingdom. After moving to North Texas in 1999, she leveraged her background in communications into marketing and business development in the professional services marketplace before transitioning into the public sector. Shannah now serves as the Director of Communications and Community Outreach for the City of Plano, the 69th largest city in the United States.

Theonic Way

Fig Leaf Software
Theonic Way, Fig Leaf Software

In his capacity as the COO/CSO, Theonic is responsible for creating, communicating, executing, and sustaining Fig Leaf’s current and future strategic initiatives and growth plans. He oversees the organization’s ongoing operations and procedures including all aspects of operations related to Consulting, Accounting & Finances, Human Resources, Managed Services & Support, Marketing, Partner Management, and Sales by working in close relation and collaboration with the CEO.

Trish Hughes

Boulder County, CO
Trish Huges, Boulder County, CO

Trish Hughes has worked in technology for over 20 years, having held the position of Senior Webmaster for the County of Boulder since 2014. Prior to this, she has experience in Application Support, Application Development, Service Desk, and Security. Trish holds a M.S. in Computer Information Technology and Security from Regis University, Executive Master in Organizational Leadership from University of Notre Dame, and Certified Information Security Manager.

Zac Thiel

City of Grand Rapids, MI
Zac Thiel, City of Grand Rapids, MI

Zac has worked for the City of Grand Rapids for four years and has been a public servant for eight. As the Lead Digital and Data Strategist for the Grand Rapids Digital Team, Zac helped build Grand Rapids’ Digital Front Door and continues to manage the website today. Over the past year, he has trained over 100 city employees in writing content for the web and building digital forms for online transactions. Zac’s main focus is making city government work better for its residents. Zac has worked for the City of Grand Rapids for four years and has been a public servant for eight. As the Lead Digital and Data Strategist for the Grand Rapids Digital Team, Zac helped build Grand Rapids’ Digital Front Door and continues to manage the website today. Over the past year, he has trained over 100 city employees in writing content for the web and building digital forms for online transactions. Zac’s main focus is making city government work better for its residents.

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