Membership Rates

    New Members

    Membership dues are $150 annually. Membership period is one year, beginning on the date of membership activation. Individual memberships are non-transferrable. You may join NAGW at any time throughout the year.

    Multiple agency memberships are also available at a discounted rate. Multiple agency memberships are transferrable to another employee at your agency for the remaining duration of the membership.

    Joining NAGW now will allow you to get the most out of your membership and allow you to take advantage of our free monthly webinars, listserv, and substantial discounts on products and services that our membership enjoys. Joining NAGW prior to the annual conference will also allow you to take advantage of discounted member pricing for the conference, which typically is equal to or greater than the membership dues.

    The cost of joining NAGW will pay for itself in no time. Why not join now to maximize your benefits?

    You can contact Member Services if you have any questions about NAGW membership.

    Multi-Agency Membership Discounts

    Small Agency (3 memberships): $400 (save $50)
    Large Agency (5 memberships): $650 (save $100)


    Existing members can extend their current membership for another year at any time by renewing their current membership at any time.

    The member discount for our annual conference is typically equal to or greater than our membership fee. If you’re eligible, why not join NAGW now? For a full list of membership benefits, please see the member benefits page.

    Payment options

    Personal or agency credit cards are the preferred payment method for NAGW membership fees. We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa.

    If payment by credit card is not possible, NAGW will also accept payment via a check from the government agency under the following conditions:

    1. All checks must by accompanied by your payment number and username.

    2. All checks must clearly indicate the agency name and the specific person on behalf of whom the check is being issued.

    Personal checks from the member are acceptable, but must include the agency name in the memo section.