NAGW Membership Benefits

Membership in the National Association of Government Web Professionals has numerous benefits:

  • Free Webinars NAGW members enjoy access to our ongoing series of webinars on a variety of topics. These webinars cover a wide variety of topics and help members keep up-to-date on new technologies, techniques and methods.

  • Discounts NAGW members receive discounts on books from O’Reilly, Peachpit Press, APress and Friends of Ed! In addition various vendors offer discounts from time to time to our members. NAGW continues to seek group pricing on training, software and web hosting services for our members. As NAGW membership grows, so will our ability to leverage price concessions from vendors.

  • Listserv Members enjoy access to NAGW's listserv, where members seek help, discuss hot topics and exchange ideas and insights that help them in their everyday jobs.

  • Lower Conference Fee NAGW members receive a significant discount for the annual conference registration.

  • Resource Library Members have access to NAGW's online, members-only library of code samples, how-to documents, sample policies, salary ranges, job descriptions, digital photographs and white papers.  Why reinvent the wheel when you can share the expertise of colleagues from across the nation?

  • Access to National Conference Materials NAGW's National Conference features some of the best speakers in the country on design and development.

  • Networking Opportunities The association will help you find the other web professionals in your area and will promote formation of local and regional chapters. These contacts will prove invaluable when you need help and advice from your peers.

  • Leadership Opportunities Members are encouraged to participate in leadership roles. The board of directors is made up of members, and local leadership roles are also available.

  • Education The association is always seeking to arrange for training opportunities and speakers.