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Region 2: Lakes Region

Lakes Region map

Debbie Deacy (incumbent)

Debbie DeacyBiography

Debbie is the Web Applications Team Lead for DuPage County, Illinois. She has been working in technology since 1998, previously working as Web Specialist for the City of Wheaton and Web Manager at North Central College. In 2017 Debbie helped the County move its website to the Azure Cloud.
In her spare time you will find her spending time with her friends and family, going to concerts and practicing yoga.

Why do you want to be on the NAGW Board?

As the current Chair of the Benefits Committee, I enjoy finding webinar hosts and topics that are of interest to our members. NAGW has been an invaluable resource for me during my career in local government. From the Listserv, to the webinars and the yearly national conference. I'm excited about its future growth and would like to contribute to its success as an organization that continues to offer excellent resources to its members. 

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Region 4: East RegionEast Region Map

No East Region nominations were received. As a result, the NAGW Board of Directors will appoint a director to serve a one-year term. A call for nominations will take place next year to fill the remaining one-year term.







Region 6: West Region​West Region Map

Frankie Rios

Frankie RiosBiography

I am a young and ambitious web design professional with a solid and natural customer service ability. At the age of eighteen, I started to explore the world of web design by researching and practicing on my own. The subject became a passion of mine, which I then used to help others, and created a stable source of income as I completed college. As my success and passion grew over the years, I had accumulated a broad range of experience from over ten clients varying in industries such as construction, churches, gymnasiums, healthcare, PeopleSoft consulting, charity foundations, tutoring services, and much more.

After my first three years of working as a sole-proprietor under the name of Frankie Rios web designs, I decided to apply for the web design Intern position for the City of Santa Clarita in June of 2014. In December of 2015, I had graduated college and was fortunate enough to prove myself to be a valuable contribution to the City of Santa Clarita Web Team. I was hired as a full-time IT Specialist focusing on web design in the Application Development department under the supervision of Ryan Drake, where I continue to expand my experiences by educating myself, training others, and eagerly learning new skills such as web and database programming.

Why do you want to be on the NAGW Board?

I would like to be on the NAGW Board because I am eager to expand my experiences as a government web professional. I appreciate any opportunity to meet like-minded professionals who share my passion for technology and innovation to create a better world, especially in government. To be an instrumental part of an association dedicated to sharing knowledge, ideas, and other resources would be an incredibly rewarding experience that would complement both my professional and personal values.

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Gregg Turnbull


Gregg Turnbull has been delivering web solutions for the past 18 years - in the Corporate, Academic and, most recently, in the Government Sector. Gregg graduated in 1999 with a bachelors degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona, and began his career as an IT Systems Analyst for Motorola. After 6 years supporting enterprise systems, Gregg started his time in academia, taking a job as a web developer at the Biodesign Institute, at Arizona State University. Within a few years, he became the lead architect for web and software solutions for the Institute, managing their web presence and developing custom Ruby on Rails applications in support of the research - even becoming a published academic author. In late 2014, Gregg and his wife Janelle, missing the mountain living of their youth, moved the family north to Colorado - where Gregg took on the role of Webmaster for Larimer County. In these past 3 years, Gregg - along with a most excellent team, rebuilt and relaunched larimer.org.

Gregg attended his first NAGW conference in Albuquerque, in 2015 and was hooked. He then spoke in both San Antonio and San Diego, and will be back for more, this year, in Pittsburgh. Gregg calls Loveland, Colorado home, along with his wife Janelle, his six kids and one crazy dog.

Why do you want to be on the NAGW Board?

When taking the role of leadership for the county's website, I underestimated the impact such an asset had on the daily lives of the citizen. Making the site the best it could be for all citizens takes knowledge in an wide variety of disciples - accessibility, usability, web security, writing for the web, UI design, responsive design, and on and on. NAGW is an immensely valuable resource, not only for knowledge sharing in these areas, but also a community of professionals with deep experience in this space. The vendors, at least from my experience, are eager to teach, eager to learn and to bring value - even when you don't sign with their service. I can see immense potential in growing the membership, engaging with city and county leadership in the importance of having webmaster, developers, web communicators attend as there is no more heavily communication tool used to engage with the citizen. 

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Kimberly Wright


I'm a public servant, website and tech/app junkie, currently serving as the Webmaster for the City of Montgomery. I run the content development strategy and execution of several different websites.

Why do you want to be on the NAGW Board?

I enjoy the friendships I've developed through NAGW membership. I want to give back to this organization which has helped me grow and understand the web. Being on the board is challenging and fun and it gives me a sense of accomplishment to serve as a volunteer.


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