Voting has closed for the proposed bylaws change. With the majority of the members voting in favor, the motion to expand Full membership to State Government Employees (SGE) and extend Associate membership to Federal Government Employees (FGE) passes. In addition to Local Government Employees, SGEs can now serve on the NAGW Board of Directors, but only serve in the 2 At-Large positions (FGEs are not eligible). The results of this vote and the number of votes each item received are as follows:

Option Votes Received
Yes, make this change to the by-laws language 69
No, do not make this change to the by-laws language 26

Beginning on January 1, 2016, all SGEs will be converted from Associate to Full membership status. FGEs will be able to apply for Associate membership at that time.

As a reminder, our new multiple employee memberships will also be available in 2016. This includes small and large organization memberships for 3 and 5 members. These options are available for both Associate and Full memberships.

We'd like to thank everyone for their comments and participation in this bylaws vote. We're happy to incorporate everyone's ideas and provide an opportunity to vote on them. The Board's been contacted several times about offering additional access for State and Federal members and we look forward to their participation in all NAGW offers.

Thank you for your support of NAGW!