Speaker Spotlight Banner - New TechnologyNAGW2017 Sept 19 - 22 | San Diego, CA

Speaker: Dave Gallerizzo, “An Introduction to Node.js”

Dave GallerizzoWant to build scalable, data intensive and interactive applications that function around user events?  Interested in establishing RESTful APIs as a service? Node.js is an asynchronous, event driven JavaScript runtime that can be used to do these things and more!
Dave Gallerizzo, CEO of Fig Leaf Software, will teach you the fundamentals of Node.js. As a NAGW preconference session you will enjoy a four-hour in-depth look at installation, file execution, uses for Node.js and how to utilize built-in modules. 

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Speaker: Luis Majano, “Building Scalable RESTFul services”

Luis MajanoREST stands for Representational State Transfer and it is defined by six guiding constraints. Web service APIs that adhere to these are called RESTful APIs. REST is reliant on the HTTP standard and it is a simple request/response mechanism.
Luis Majano, President of Ortus Solutions, will teach you more about what REST is, best practices for using it as well as provide examples of REST implementations.‚Äč

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