A New Phase In The NAGW Website

    NAGW Navigator: Volume 1 • Issue 4 • Summer 2018

    We are excited to share that the NAGW website is currently in the process of being updated. We have been using Drupal and CiviCRM for many years and, while this works for our business, the board realizes that maintaining open source software is very labor intensive.

    We are also aware of the fact that we may not have technical expertise on future boards so we want to focus less on the maintenance and more on the content.

    Last year the board wrote technical specifications to define current and future needs. We are evaluating several hosted systems that can be used to run the NAGW website, process membership management, provide members-only content and conduct conference registration. We plan to make a decision by early summer and in the meantime we are inventorying existing content in preparation for migrating to the new system. When we cut over the membership and historical information there will need to be down time. We will keep everyone posted on the status.