Non-Profit Information

    The National Association of Government Web Professionals, Inc has received determination from the Internal Revenue Service that it qualifies as a non-profit corporation. NAGW has been determined to be a 501(c)(6) which means that contributions to NAGW are not deductible as a qualifying charity. In certain cases, membership and other fees may be tax deductible as qualifying business expenses, but in all cases, NAGW recommends the advice of a tax professional.

    As required by law, NAGW's Application for Non-Profit Status (IRS 1024) and Determination letter are available here for public viewing. Please direct any questions to the NAGW treasurer.




    If your jurisdiction requires a W-9 or similar document for its records, a properly filled out and signed W-9 is available below. Please be advised we do not fill out any W-9s, or substitute W-9s, sent to us in the mail.