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    CGDSP Certification

    Program Overview

    The position and responsibilities for today’s web manager have transformed from serving as a technical resource to becoming a professional digital communications manager. Managing a government’s web service delivery has become more complex as expectations increase and many new—and more sophisticated—users, whether residents or other departments, are utilizing your organization’s web services.

    • Keeping abreast of compliance rules
    • Staying on top of the latest technology platforms
    • Meeting the needs of internal customers
    • Responding to the public’s demand for more services

    In light of all these challenges, there is a growing demand for practical and leadership-oriented professional development certification aimed at recognizing the web professional in this fast-evolving field: Delivering digital services through new methods and platforms.

    Having a certification program designed specifically to fit the needs of today’s busy web and digital services professional is highly desirable to demonstrate your competencies and skills required in today’s competitive environment.

    Recognizing this need, the National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW) has partnered with the Public Technology Institute (PTI) and the Rutgers University Center for Government Services to offer a nine-month certificate program: The Certified Government Digital Services Professional (CGDSP).

    The CGDSP program is nine months in length. All classes will take place virtually and are up to two hours in length. The first virtual class will take place April 22, 2021, at 4:00pm ET.

    This program is about leadership in the field of digital services delivery. It is not designed to be a technical certification.

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    Program Overview

    Recognizing how busy you are and the time constraints you face, this program is designed to be 9 months in length; a mix of virtual class discussions and self-paced online coursework; and delivery of a Capstone paper – 10 to 15 pages in length – describing a program or practice that you have implemented, or an organization or web/digital services issue that you have had to resolve.

    Course Topics

    The Certification program is divided into 10 modules and all course-work will be graded on a pass/fail basis. These modules will be covered beginning in the first class. After that, modules will be covered with light reading/homework assignments, followed by a combination of recorded presentations and 90-minute virtual/online discussions to be held every 3 weeks.

    Module Topics

    1. Citizen participation (video, recorded meetings, live meeting participation, etc.)
    2. Web Management
    3. App Management
    4. Multi-channel Systems
    5. Digital Service Delivery
    6. Metrics and Big Data
    7. Reporting Systems, Techniques
    8. Management, leadership, and governance, policies and procedures
    9. Compliance and Contract management (CJIS, PCI, HIPAA, FOIA, e-Discovery, etc.
    10. Security and Crisis Management

    Students are provided a license to access web-based coursework on two topics: Emotional Intelligence and IT Project Management. This coursework is self-paced and must be completed prior to graduation.

    At the completion of the program all students will deliver a Capstone paper describing a program or a practice that you or your organization has implemented, or a web or digital services issue that you helped to resolve. All course-work is graded on a pass-fail basis.

    Applicant Prerequisites

    An applicant applying to the CGDSP Program should possess the following:

    • Be employed in the public sector for at least three years.
    • Have a track record of administrative or managerial experience in basic web design and communications management.
    • Have exposure to social media and app applications.
    • Have at least a 2-year college degree or equivalent.

    The above requirements are necessary to help ensure a robust and meaningful class. Applicants can still apply if they do not meet or exceed the above requirements by requesting a waiver. (With regards to a college degree: PTI's experience has been that a student's overall experience surpasses formal learning.)


    • NAGW and PTI Member Officials: $2,600
    • Non-members: $3,100

    Tuition is to be paid in full prior to the start of the program. The deadline for enrolling is April 15, 2020.


    Students who fulfill all course and program requirements will receive a certificate worthy of framing and a graduation ceremony shall take place during the 2019 NAGW Annual Conference.


    Certification is granted for a period of three years from the date of graduation. Graduates are expected to be re-certified every three years through a series of activities, including, but not limited to participating in NAGW and PTI education events – such as attending web seminars and webinars, the NAGW annual conference, participating in state- or local-based digital service events, writing articles, mentoring staff, etc.

    Ethics Policy

    Upon graduation, all students will be required to sign a non-binding Digital Ethics Policy.

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    Visit www.pti.org or email Dale Bowen at [email protected]