Tell Your Story With Instagram Stories

    NAGW Navigator: Volume 1 • Issue 3 • Spring 2018

    Have you hopped on the Instagram Stories bandwagon yet? It’s a Snapchat-like feature that lets users create sequences of photos and videos that expire after 24 hours. They can also be saved to your profile as a highlight.

    More than 250 million people are using Instagram Stories slideshow-like feature daily so how can governments use this fast-growing platform?

    Here are a few ideas to get you started and engaged with your audience:

    Go Live with Instagram Stories

    Similar to Facebook’s Live feature, go live on Instagram! Go live at a local festival or hold a quick Q&A with an elected official. Instagram Stories is also great for behind-the-scene tours of a grand opening of a new park or government building. Showcase what your government is doing.

    Capture your community

    What’s going on in your community? Create your Instagram Story slideshow of images or graphics that promote your government’s next big event – give your viewers something to look forward to. Is it snowing outside City Hall? Snap some photos or take video and upload it to your Story!


    If you’re lacking on eye-catching photos, try using some of the built-in emoji and sticker features to add to your image.  If you have more time, try creating some graphics with Adobe Spark (For Creative Cloud users, sign in with your Adobe ID) and use the templates provided for Instagram Stories.

    Have fun with it – tell your story!