Open Data -- Now More Important Than Ever

    NAGW Navigator: Volume 1 • Issue 3 • Spring 2018

    Most of you are probably aware that the current federal government administration is not focusing on open data as much as the previous administration. With the federal government stepping away as the leaders in this area it is now more important then ever for the state and local governments to continue to advance their open data initiatives! To drive home why this is important let’s review some of the many reasons why open data is important:

    • Government participation by our constituents
    • Self-empowerment for our constituents
    • Government transparency and increased trust in government
    • Metrics and impact measurement on policies, regulations, etc.
    • Innovation through the apps and services developed with the data released
    • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of government


    Don’t give up on your open data initiative and make use of the collective knowledge of your NAGW peers if you have questions. Many of our agencies are at varying levels of open data adoption and someone is either where you are now or just beyond where you are and can give you advice on next steps.

    Open data is information. By providing information you are proving to your constituents that you are committed to transparency and improving the services you offer to your community.

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