Getting Certified: Introducing The Certified Government Digital Services Professional Program

    NAGW Navigator: Volume 1 • Issue 2 • Fall 2017

    The 2015 NAGW National Conference in Albuquerque saw the genesis of a great idea. Following his keynote speech at the conference, Executive Director and CEO of the Public Technology Institute Dr. Alan Shark proposed a unique partnership between NAGW and PTI during a conversation with board members. Why not create a certification program specifically for government web professionals?

    Fast forward to the 2017 NAGW National Conference in San Diego, California. The inaugural class of the Certified Government Digital Services Professional (CGDSP) program commenced. The first module took place September 19 and the course will continue with 10 modules on subjects ranging from web and app management, to leadership and governance, to crisis management.

    The graduation ceremony for the CGDSP Class of 2018 will take place at the 2018 NAGW National Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Class of 2019 will also commence in Pittsburgh.

    For more information about the Certified Government Digital Services Professional program, visit