You Should Apply!

    NAGW Navigator: Volume 1 • Issue 1 • Summer 2017

    Have you ever wanted to become more involved with NAGW and help lead the organization? Starting on Monday, July 3 the board of directors will be seeking nominations for the 2017 election. Serving on the board of directors is truly a labor of love. We work hard but we also play hard. Our fellow board members past and present feel like an extended family. Board member positions are a two-year term starting on Nov 1 in the year you are elected. Board members are expected to do the following:

    • Maintain your NAGW membership
    • Participate in conference call meetings (one to two hours every two weeks—currently scheduled on Wednesdays at 2 p.m. CST)
    • Attend two formal meetings every year at conference site (one pre-conference planning session and one at the NAGW annual conference)
    • Work on tasks relating to NAGW business, usually as a member of at least two committees
    • Attend the annual NAGW Conference (no conference registration charge for Board members)

    Checkout the NAGW Board of Directors brochure >>

    The majority of our board members will be seeking reelection in 2017 however our current South Region Director, Alicia Brown, will not be seeking reelection. If you are located in the South Region please consider applying.