Introduce Yourself With Instagram’s ‘Nametag’ Feature

    NAGW Navigator: Volume 2 • Issue 1 • Fall 2018

    by Jennifer Chapman

    There’s a new way to introduce yourself to the digital world, thanks to one of Instagram’s latest features. 

    Instagram launched a Nametags feature, which allows users to create personalized “nametags” that can be scanned by other Instagram users. When someone scans your individual Nametag, they’ll be prompted to follow you.

    Sound familiar? Think of it as Instagram’s version of a QR code.

    According to Instagram, the goal is to make it easier for users to connect and reduce the need to go through long and confusing searches.

    So, how does this help your municipality, county, or federal agency connect with new followers? 

    Besides meeting followers in person at local events, you can screenshot your Instagram Nametag, post it on your website, on your social media channels, in email campaigns, and printed materials. 

    Head to your Instagram profile, tap on the top right navigation menu, and select “Nametag” to give it a try!

    It’s faster than searching for a profile and ensuring you have the handle spelled correctly.