NAGW Committees

    All members are encouraged to take a leadership role in the organization. Volunteering is a great way to utilize your existing skill-set to help NAGW as well as learn new skills. Regular and Associate NAGW members may volunteer to participate on committees (excluding the executive committee) to help implement board directives. To volunteer for a NAGW committee, contact the committee via the email addresses below.


    Marketing Committee

    The Marketing Committee is responsible for accomplishing the following tasks:

    • Creating and maintaining marketing plan and calendar

    • Writing/editing press releases

    • Posting news on the website and posting to social media

    • Creating and maintaining marketing collateral

    • Creating logos, conference badges, certificates, displays, etc.

    • Creating conference programs, signs and banners

    Software Used by the Marketing Committee:

    • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign?

    • MailChimp 

    • Drupal 

    • Powerpoint

    Member Benefits Committee

    The Member Benefits Committee is responsible for accomplishing the following tasks:

    • Seeking and proposing member benefit ideas to the board

    • Updating member benefits information on the website

    • Scheduling and setting up webinars

    • Updating webinar documentation

    • Creating and updating webinar pages on website

    • Announcing webinars via email and social media

    • Posting webinar events on Facebook

    • Hosting and recording webinars

    • Uploading & posting webinar videos and presentations

    • Maintaining Good Reads book club group

    • Choosing and announcing monthly book

    Software Used by the Member Benefits Committee:

    • Adobe Photoshop

    • MailChimp

    • Drupal

    • gotowebinar

    • Google Forms

    Pinnacles Committee

    The Pinnacles Committee is responsible for accomplishing the following tasks:

    • Recruiting Pinnacle judges

    • Processing Pinnacle award entries & determining finalists

    • Counting Pinnacle judge and Members' Choice results

    • Working with award sponsor to determine Sponsor's Award recipient

    • Reviewing Steve Moore Award nominees and presenting finalists to the board for final vote

    • Updating Pinnacle information on the website

    • Preparing award presentation and hosting Pinnacle awards

    • Preparing and maintaining 5 and 10 year pin list

    • Working with Marketing Committee to create award badges and certificates

    • Working with Marketing Committee on media outreach

    • Working with association management company to order award trophies

    Software Used by the Pinnacles Committee:

    • Photoshop

    • MailChimp

    • Drupal

    • Powerpoint?

    Speaker Committee

    The Speaker Committee is responsible for accomplishing the following tasks:

    • Proposing conference speaking track to the board

    • Proposing keynote speaker suggestions to the board

    • Creating and updating call for speakers form

    • Negotiating with and signing keynote speakers

    • Proposing draft keynote contracts to the board

    • Proposing speaker/session schedule to the board

    • Working with Marketing Committee to promote call for speakers

    • Uploading and posting session videos and presentations

    • Working with Marketing Committee to create speaker presentation template

    • Reviewing, rating and selecting speaker proposals

    • Updating and sending speaker information packet

    • Working with Website Committee to create discount codes and distributing to speakers

    • Following up with selected speakers to obtain presentation materials and photos

    • Thanking speakers and distributing speaker surveys

    • Following up with speakers and keynotes as required 

    Software Used by the Speaker Committee: 

    • MailChimp

    • Drupal

    • Powerpoint

    • Screendoor

    • Acrobat

    • Word

    Sponsor Committee

    The Sponsor Committee is responsible for accomplishing the following tasks: 

    • Preparing and proposing sponsorship rates to the board

    • Proposing draft sponsor contracts to the board

    • Working with Marketing Committee to update sponsor brochure

    • Creating and updating sponsor contract

    • Recruiting and signing sponsors

    • Planning and working with sponsors on booth layouts

    • Creating and updating sponsor passport

    • Working with sponsors on n3 locations

    • Sending sponsor brochure to contacts list

    Software Used by the Sponsor Committee: 

    • MailChimp 

    • Drupal

    • Word

    Volunteer Committee

    The Volunteer Committee is responsible for accomplishing the following tasks:

    • Recruiting and training conference volunteers

    • Creating volunteer contract and proposing to the board

    • Creating conference volunteer schedule

    • Coordinating volunteer schedule with conference volunteers

    • Proposing volunteer schedule to the board

    Software Used by the Volunteer Committee: 

    • MailChimp

    • Drupal

    • Word

    Website Committee

    The Website Committee is responsible for accomplishing the following tasks:

    • Applying updates to the website and CRM 

    • Creating and applying website themes and designs 

    • Maintaining Drupal blocks, views and taxonomies 

    • Creating website forms and reports as needed 

    • Assisting with website and CRM as needed 

    • Preparing conference website and registration forms 

    • Creating/deleting board member accounts (website, Drive, etc.)

    Software Used by the Website Committee:

    • Drupal (administration)

    • CiviCRM (administration)

    • FTP software 

    • MediaTemple (Plesk admin)

    • Google Groups / Google Apps