NAGW Virtual Happy Hour Tonight (4/22/2021) - 7:00PM Central Time

    NAGW Virtual Happy Hour Tonight! 


    Thursday -_4 / 22_

     AT 5 PM Pacific (West Side!), 6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern (East Side!)

    Join us for this month's GoToMeeting Virtual Happy Hour.

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    Reminder: Candid Conversation Tomorrow (4/8/2021) - 2:00PM Central Time

    NAGW Candid Conversations

    Virtual Conference

    Thursday -_4 / 8_

     AT 12PM Pacific (West Side!), 1PM Mountain, 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern(East Side!)

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    In this Thursday's Zoom gathering we will be chatting about:


    We are chatting about our upcoming online event:

    May 19, 2021: Digital Government

    Reminder - Class of 2021 CDGSP Certificate Starting April 22 

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    2021 Pinnacle Awards Call for Entries

    Sponsored by

    The Pinnacle Awards are open to members and non-members. If you are not a NAGW member and would like to take advantage of the member's registration rate, join NAGW today. Entries must be active at the time of entry to be eligible.

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    Entry Fee

    • $0 - NAGW Members
    • $100  - Non-members

    Pinnacle Award Categories

    Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Government Web Design recognizes the best City/County, Federal, State, NGO, Microsite and Custom website. Entries are judged on content, organization, design, performance, flexibility, accessibility, standards and interactivity.

    Award for Excellence in Digital Innovation and Engagement recognizes innovative digital programs, services or campaigns that are designed to engage users. For example, social media campaigns, podcasts, custom applications, and initiatives created to improve the use of digital services.

    Steven Michael Moore Pinnacle Award is presented to a nominee for excellence in the government web profession. Steve Moore worked 37 years in the information technology field with the last 35 years at Larimer County, Colorado. Steve brought Larimer online in 1996 with the creation of, ultimately developing the site into a 2008 NAGW Pinnacle Award winner.


    Finalists will receive a complimentary Quality Assurance Check from our sponsor, Siteimprove.

    Past Winners

    View the list of previous winners of the NAGW Pinnacle Awards.

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    NAGW Navigator - March 2021

    NAGW Virtual 2021

    We have a full calendar of mini-conferences, free to NAGW members, to help keep you informed and engaged. We’ll be hosting four virtual events – with keynote speakers and breakout sessions scheduled throughout the next 12 months. 

    2021 – 2022 Virtual Conference Event Schedule

    May 19, 2021: Digital Government
    Online forms, citizen engagement, technology & tools, and how we did that.

    keynote speaker Terry Jones

    Special guest and keynote Terry Jones, founder of Travelocity and founding Chairman of talks about digital transformation, disruption and innovation and his messages are spot on. 

    An author and venture capitalist, he founded five startups, with Kayak and Travelocity becoming billion-dollar IPOs. Jones’ success has established him as a thought leader on innovation and disruption. He’s been helping companies use the tools and techniques he has developed to succeed in our fast-changing world.

    His programs on innovation, leadership and customer relationships are always thought-provoking and entertaining. There will be plenty in this keynote session to take back to your own organization.

    Future Conference Dates and Topics
    August 18, 2021: Data & Dashboards
    An effective way to display all of this data and messaging we're collecting and distributing.

    October 2021: Best of the Web with the return of virtual Pinnacles!
    Pinnacle Awards & NAGW Members Meeting

    February 2022: Members’ Choice
    Keynote suggestions and subjects selected by you! 

    Be a Speaker at #NAGW2021 Virtual Events

    The NAGW Virtual National Conference provides the perfect opportunity to share your expertise with a wide range of web professionals in local, state and federal government. NAGW is seeking presenters willing to share their knowledge and ideas on new technologies and trends at the NAGW Virtual Event on May 19, 2021.

    The focus of the conference is to bring together government employees from all levels of government who share similar goals and issues. The event is open to anyone looking to enhance their skills and acquire knowledge on the latest trends in the web and government digital technologies. We welcome speakers from the public and private sectors. If you have questions contact us.

    DEADLINE: Thursday, April 8, 2021

    Submit your speaking proposal:


    Recognizing how busy you are and the time constraints you face, this program is designed to be 9 months in length; a mix of virtual class discussions and self-paced online coursework; and delivery of a Capstone paper – 10 to 15 pages in length – describing a program or practice that you have implemented, or an organization or web/digital services issue that you have had to resolve. The next 9-month class begins April 22, 2021 - Visit to sign up today!


    Upcoming Webinars:

    Clutter Happens
    Presenter: Dolores "D" Madrid
    Date and Time: Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 12 p.m. CDT
    Clutter happens wherever we work. How do we keep organized, find the information that we need and get rid of the information that has piled up over time? D Madrid will help you with tips to move from chaos to content organization by sharing some basic tips that will keep your electronic working environment clutter-free.

    16 to 1: How Morris County, NJ Created its New Website and Lived to Tell the Tale
    Presenter: Jamie Klenetsky Fay
    Date and Time: Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 12 p.m. CDT
    Morris County, NJ had a large network of websites – 16, to be precise – that made the user experience unwieldy, and maintenance unmanageable. This is how Morris County broke through departmental silos, financial restrictions, and a fear of change to create its new, single, services-oriented website.

    Every second Thursday of the month - Next gathering April 8 (Look for an invite in your inbox)

    NAGW Happy Hour
    Every fourth Thursday of the month - Next gathering April 22 (Look for an invite in your inbox)

    NAGW Book Club
    Yes, we have a Good Reads book club. Interested in learning more about the internet and web technology? Members can get together to read and discuss books about accessibility, content management and strategy, government transparency, open data, open-source tools and technology, usability, user experience and responsive design, just to name a few.

    Next book:
    Good Services: Decoding the Mystery of What Makes a Good Service
    By: Lou Downe

    Service design is a rapidly growing area of interest in design and business management. There are a lot of books on how to get started, but this is the first book that describes what a ‘good’ service is and how to design one. This book lays out the essential principles for building services that work well for users. Demystifying what we mean by a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ service and describing the common elements within all services that mean they either work for users or don’t.

    A practical book for practitioners and non-practitioners alike interested in better service delivery, this book is the definitive new guide to designing services that work for users.

    Join us on Good Reads NAGW Book Club. More info here:

    Besides the fantastic online gathers mentioned above, we also offer many other perks to NAGW Members.

    NAGW Resource Library
    Need to write an RFP for a website redesign but don’t know where to start?
    Or perhaps you’ve been asked to put together a style guide for your organization?
    Don’t have a social media or links policy yet but need to create one?

    Check out the NAGW resource library to see how others have tackled these and other online requirements. Members have complete access to the library.

    NAGW Google Group / Listserv
    Maybe you don’t see the answer to your question in the resource library – no worries! Put it out on the NAGW listserv. Most questions posted receive multiple responses within the same day making the listserv an invaluable member resource.

    Every Friday the listserv provides some great goodies to members. Long-time member and former NAGW board president Leslie Labrecque sends out her Weekly Web Goodies post with plenty of great reads for our members.

    Job postings – yes, FREE! to members.
    Is your department currently advertising employment opportunities? You can easily spread the word further afield by posting the job ad on the NAGW job board. This service is – you guessed it – FREE! to members. 
    Submit your ad text here:

    NAGW  2021- 2022  Sponsors

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    Reminder: Candid Conversation - Intranet Throw Down edition (3/11/2021) - 2:00PM Central Time

    NAGW Candid Conversations

    Thursday - 3/11

     AT 12PM Pacific (West Side!), 1PM Mountain, 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern(East Side!)

    (See Zoom Details Below)

    In this Thursday's Zoom gathering we will be chatting about:

     Our Employee Intranets 

    We are chatting about our intranets - the tools we host on, what we like, what we loathe.

    Come ready to share your intranet stories

    Reminder - Class of 2021 CDGSP Certificate Starting April 22 

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    Join US on Zoom: Get Candid with our NAGW Featured Book Club Author - Jon Yablonski / Laws of UX - March 5th

       Join Us  - March 5th, 3PM CST - for (Our First Ever) Get Candid w/ the author:   Laws of UX: Design Principles for Persuasive and Ethical Products













    We will be discussing our most recent book club entry:

    Laws of UX: Using Psychology to Design Better Products & Services

    Jon's book covers:

    • 10 core U/X Principles(aka. Laws) all designers of products and services should know and use
    • How aesthetically pleasing design creates positive responses
    • How these psychology principles relate to UX heuristics
    • Ethical implications of using psychology in design a framework for applying these principles
    • How to keep the principles in mind and in use in your organization

    Join Us ...


    Zoom Details will be sent to NAGW members mailing list and posted to our Google Group


    Let's Gather - Candid Conversation (1/29/2021) - 1:00PM Central Time

    A Welcome to 2021, Now What? - NAGW Candid Conversations

    Candid Conversations

    Friday - January 29th / 2021 

     AT 11AM Pacific (West Side!), 12PM Mountain, 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern (East Side!)

    (See Zoom Details Below)

    In this Friday's Zoom gathering we will be chatting about:

     NAGW 2021 

     NAGW BOOKCLUB's   - 2021's first book

    Class of 2021 CDGSP Certificate -  Now starting April 22 



    We have a Book Club? Yes! Announcing 2021's First Book of the Year


     Announcing the first book of 2021:  Laws of UX: Design Principles for Persuasive and Ethical Products

    Laws of UX: Using Psycologyto Design Better Products & Services by Jon Yablonski

    This year we are changing up the NAGW bookclub to focus on 5 books this year, verses one per month. This gives us a bit more time to read and discuss each book - the discussion occuring during our Candid Conversations (which we have been holding throughour the year).

    Our first author is Jon Yablonski, a NAGW conference keynote speaker from a Salt Lake / 2019 Conference. This practical guide explains how you can apply key principles in psychology to build products and experiences that are more intuitive and human-centered. 

    We’ll learn:

    • How aesthetically pleasing design creates positive responses
    • The principles from psychology most useful for designers
    • How these psychology principles relate to UX heuristics
    • Predictive models including Fitts’s law, Jakob’s law, and Hick’s law
    • Ethical implications of using psychology in design a framework for applying these principles

      Join Us on Good Reads NAGW Bookclub